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-Who We Are

We’re a team of individuals dedicated to our craft, with a shared passion for quality and creativity.

-Our Vision

For the world it's an art, a habit or a trend to follow , Let's Nail It , not just envisions above but believes that Nail art is an Experience !



Years ago while struggling to get my own nails done from a nail studio, I always strived to find a good one. Someone who could guide me on the colors that would suit my skin tone. The nails shape that would suit me best and accentuates the shape of my fingers. Additionally, an art that would suit my personality. But I couldn’t get much help. The artists/technicians who usually perform this work know very little beyond their core job. I tried a number of nail art studios but couldn’t find any. It is because of the missing customer core-centric values. That not only does the job well but also offers some counseling around the above factors and focuses on good after job service. I always used to ponder why the arts are so limited while there’s so much content & references online. I being a professional at that time and was working for an organization as a Quality Lead, I moved from Operations to Quality as streamlining things, improving processes & bringing innovations was always my passion thus, the same attitude worked in my own venture as well.

The entire idea behind establishing the brand was to create a nail studio. A nail art studio that not just allows a woman to pamper her nails but also sets her free of worries. As my counseling and team guidance could just do it all for them. I always loved adding fashion & glamour to my work. It’s something that I call my favorite niche (related to my core passion). I love to create beautiful things & fixing things where I feel little can make a difference. Moreover, I was always a great host & it gave me an edge in my venture. Being a people’s person, I aim to deliver happiness to others. However, that could be a gift, any help I can offer or can make a difference in others’ life. Taking a cue from there I decided I want to take my personal passion to profession. And turned a dream into reality. From that day, no looking back. I quit my job, risked my financials, invested in a small nail studio set up. With perfection, I ventured LET’S NAIL IT.

Excellent service. Prompt staff. Easy appointments. Customer friendly. Overall a great experience.

Mihika Gupta

One of the best nail salon. Great team and love their designs

Yashika Katyal

Completely loved their service, I would definitely recommend this place. Amazing experience!

Kashish Valyat


“I am thankful to all my happy clients who encouraged me day by day to improvise and I kept coming up with new arts. All happy clients traveled this beautiful journey with me by paying regular visits at the studio . Their reviews , recommendations , word of mouth not just helped me grow more in this space but also made me believe there is nothing IMPOSSIBLE.”

-Ekta Agrawal | CEO & Founder

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A-127, 1st Floor Nirvana Courtyard Market, Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

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097171 50595


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